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Starform XL-Adhesive sheets

Starform XL Adhesive Sheets (20x28 cm) are self-adhesive sheets that are available in more than 40 different colours. The sheets can be subdivided as follows: 14 colours of glossy foil, 11 colours of glitter foil, 6 colours of holographic foil, 3 colours of metallic foil, transparent glitter foil, transparent foil and 9 colours of velvet foil. The sheets are made of adhesive material, so there is no more need for glue!

Starform XL Adhesive Sheets are the ideal base material to, for example, attach Starform Stickers to. Once they have been cut out, the stickers can be directly attached to your piece. The different colours and materials combine very well. Making a fitting background for, for example, a greeting card or scrap-book is easily done by cutting the XL Adhesive Sheets to size. Decorating different materials such as glass, stone and wood is another creative possibility. In short, Starform XL Adhesive Sheets offer an abundance of possibilities to fill many creative hours!


Available in the glitter colours:

Available in the metallic colours:

Available in the glossy colours:

Available in the holographic colours:

Available in transparent glitter:

Available in transparent:

Available in the velvet colours:



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