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Peel-Off Sticky Shapes

1. Remove the top layer from the sheet
2. Scatter the glitters over the de Sticky Shape patterns and put the rest of the glitter back into the container
3. Push the deco foil onto the Sticky Shape patterns
4. Example of an application

Tips: Lay the Sticky Shape sheet onto an A4 paper and remove the transparant top-layer. Scatter the glitters over the Sticky Shape patterns. Be sure that everything is completely covered with glitters and press the glitters with your fingers or a brush onto the Sticky Shapes. Shake the rest of the glitters on the A4 paper in order to put them back into their container. Of course it is possible to cover various motives of the Sticky Shapes with different colours of glitter or decofoil. Cut out the motives seperately, including the top layer and remove the transparant top layer only when you want to apply the glitters or decofoil.







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