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Starform Stickers

Starform Stickers are acid-free and water-resistant and thus ideal for decorating photos, cutlery and crockery. Apart from stickers, Starform also provides books full of original examples, tips and techniques.

Starform Outline Stickers

Starform Outline Stickers (10x23 cm) are the most well known stickers from the Starform collection. These silver and gold coloured contour stickers can be used for the decoration of greeting cards, photo albums, candlesticks, crockery, Christmas decorations and much more!

Starform Outline Stickers can be used with numerous techniques such as colouring,making inlays and stickers in 3D. The collection consists of images for all sorts of occasions: birthdays, marriage, condolences, babies, Christmas, Easter and much more. Of course, the Starform Stickers assortment also contains various corners and borders.

A number of designs are also available in a maximum of 15 other beautiful colours.




Starform Velvet Stickers

Starform Velvet Stickers (10x23 cm) are made from a soft, velveteen material. The stickers are available in a total of 7 different colours that comprise Vintage pastel tints and a Christmas colour palette.

The Vintage theme incorporates the trendy colours pink, light blue, beige and white. These subtle colours can be used throughout the year. The collection includes sticker sheets with bright flower designs among others, popular borders, ornate corners and an alphabet to construct text.

The Christmas palette features the colours red, white, green and dark blue, which are perfect for making wonderful, traditional Christmas creations. There are sticker sheets illustrated with Christmas trees, snowmen, stars, reindeers, Christmas ornaments and much more.

Starform Velvet Stickers are made from an opaque material and can be applied directly to the handiwork. The various colours can be used simultaneously and, if so desired, adhered together to create a unique effect. Aside from greeting cards, the stickers are particularly suited to scrapbooking and decorating other items.

Available in the colours:




Starform Stickermosaic

Starform Stickermosaic (10x23 cm) contains a series of stickers with lattices in different shapes, available in up to 15 colours.

When you remove the background lattice, you are left with the negative parts, which can be used to create an amazing array of patterns.

The possibilities are endless, whether you use the existing patterns or your own creations. The lattices can also be beautifully combined with other stickers.






Starform Transparent Stickers

Starform Transparent Stickers (10x23 cm) are made of transparent sticky film with a print of gold or silver foil. The collection contains various images, texts and geometric shapes.

Because the stickers are transparent, they take on
the colour of each desired background. Thus, you
can make endless variations with backgrounds in different colours and patterns.

Starform Stitch Design

The Starform Stitch Design embroidery stickers (10x23 cm) also belong to the Starform Transparent Stickers product group. These transparent stickers are printed with original patterns, which can be embroidered in different ways.


Method for embroidery stickers:

1. Stick the sticker onto coloured paper.
2. Pierce the holes of the embroidery pattern.
3. Attach the embroidery thread to the rear.
4. Embroider the pattern with the desired stitches.
5. Cut out the embroidered sticker.




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