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Welcome to the website of Hobbystickers Online

Hobbystickers Online is an online wholesaler of decorative stickers, cards, decoupage sheets, cardboard, decoration materials for the hobby market.

The collections of Hobbystickers Online includes a wide range of sticker sheets with the original design in different product groups. Besides stickers, Hobbystickers Online also offers Transfer Sheets, Permanent Markers end Sticky Shapes.

Currently contains our product line well over 1000 different designs, all available in 39 colours. Texts and phrases are available in any kind of language, as ; Numbers, the Alphabet, anniversary texts and a range of other designs. New phrases and/or motives can be made in any language with no limitations. As we are the leading wholesaler in mentioned previously countries, our assortment keeps expanding regularly to better meet the needs of the customers. Not only the sales in the gift/hobby/gift wrap and greeting card industry is increasing, also the promotional aspect of the stickers is a sector where we can use this product excellently.

Hobbysticker Online can take care of any kind of logo or business name. You can send your logo or business name to us by e-mail, and we will send you the design back by fax or e-mail. Of course you will gain full exclusive concerning your logo!

Our stickers are easy to stick to paper, glass, textile, and china. Stickers are also excellent decoration material for candles and souvenirs! Our stickers are dishwasher and microwave durable.

The great variety of possibilities of our stickers will surprise you and your customers. For questions, suggestions and additional information contact us. We will gladly help you to answer them all.

We are not a web shop. We supply stickers in large numbers.



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